Bloodfist 5: Human Target (1994)


“Bloodfist 4” was a pretty complicated thriller, with all sorts of different groups with different agendas fighting over Don “The Dragon” Wilson and that mysterious box of chocolates he found. Well, it seems that writer Rob Kerchner (parts 4-7 are credited to him) was interested in exploring similar themes, but how well did he do?

Don “The Dragon” Wilson is shot running away from persons unknown, and wakes up from a coma with no memories at all. As he’s sat in his room, “Candy” comes in claiming to be his wife, but then reveals she’s just a prostitute hired by a friend of his to “bust him out”. Or is she? Her pimp “Marcus” seems a little upset she’s got herself involved in this, but is he really a pimp? And what about Corey, the NSA boss who claims to be friends with him, and that he’s an NSA agent too?


It’s a film where identities are fairly fluid with multiple layers of deception, and while Don may never be a great actor, he’s surrounded by decent B-movie talent. “Candy” is Denice Duff, who did time with Full Moon Films in the “Subspecies” series; Don Stark (“That 70s Show”) is Corey; and “Marcus” is Steve James, who we loved in the “American Ninja” series. This was sadly his last movie – he was almost always a better fighter and actor than the people he was forced by a racist system to play sidekick to, and it’s a damn shame he died so young.

Much as part 3 felt like “The Shawshank Redemption” but was made 2 years before it, this has strong similarities with “The Long Kiss Goodnight”, and predates it by the same amount – well, it bears an even stronger resemblance to “The Bourne Identity” although the book and original movie has this beat by decades. Although those movies are better than this one, Don is a top-level fighter and handles the villains really well – his close-fighting style looks great on camera.

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I think this is the best of the series so far. Plot, fighting, action scenes, all are very strong for a B-movie such as this. Okay, I got a bit lost by the two suitcases, but they’re really just MacGuffins to get Wilson into contact with people he will almost inevitably need to fight. From a very ropey beginning, this series is turning into something rather decent.

Rating: thumbs up