Mindstorm (2001)

Hey, DVD cover people - you know there are women in this movie, right?

Hey, DVD cover people – you know there are women in this movie, right?

“Hey Mark, we need some page views”.

“Sure, boss! How about I review a virtually forgotten 13 year old ‘Dead Zone’ ripoff?”

“That’s my boy! Here’s another bag of money!”

Should this wander along the schedule for a low-budget TV channel one evening, or be on a market for 50p, then I think you could certainly do worse. It also features two women who really ought to have had much bigger and better careers than they had – Emmanuelle Vaugier, who’s had some recurring TV roles and…actually, forget about her, she’s doing great; plus, Sarah Carter, who…oh it turns out she’s working all the time too. I really ought to pay more attention.

Anyway, there’s a government experiment with psychic kids in 1984, and it’s destroyed by Russians, who presumably want to keep their advantage in the psychic war stakes. It’s never really explained. Of the two main kids, the boy dies in the fire and the girl is rescued by one of the guards, who then raises her as his own. Cut to adulthood, and she’s a private investigator finding missing kids, and she has a friend in the FBI who knows her secret, and helps out on cases.


There’s a cult run by Eric Roberts, who does make a great cult leader, and the Senator who looks a bit evil is Michael Ironside, who makes a great evil senator. The cast is strong, and the idea is okay, but like I said up top, it’s just like we’ve seen this before.

It looks great, and some of the locations are well chosen (the cult’s base, the tram graveyard) but the other feeling I couldn’t shake was how this felt curiously unfinished. When the last scene rolls around, you’re thinking “okay, here comes the twist, or where they at least explain to each other what’s going on” but no. It’s not like it cut from the film too quickly, either, because the credits rolled…all in all, it’s a curious experience. I wonder if it’s like a double-pilot episode for some TV show that got cancelled, and the last (deleted) scene was the setup for that? I guess we’ll never know.

Rating: thumbs in the middle