Barry Gold: Unchained

A chance to attend the swanky London premiere of the Alan Partridge film ‘Alpha Papa’ inspired Gareth Moore and Nige Gardner to create Barry Gold, PA to the fallen stars. I’ve been intrigued by Moore’s work since he uploaded the ‘Epic Stares’ series to YouTube. His wonky sense of humour harks back to the glory days of Les Dawson.

The first appearance of Barry Gold came in a short video job application that answered a fictional job ad for the role of Alan Partridge’s new assistant. The application was successful and Barry Gold rocked up on the red carpet.

After the premiere a mockumentary was filmed, allowing us to get to know Barry Gold a little better. The mockumentary, similar in style to ‘Spinal Tap’, ‘The Office’ and ‘Trailer Park Boys’, follows famed filmmaker Jonty Dupents as he travels to the fine city of Norwich to meet the elusively enigmatic Barry Gold.

Chock full of hilarity, we meet Barry’s latest client Ronnie ‘Potato’ Sachs, a former footballer struggling with his self-destructive tendency to compulsively pleasure himself at the most inopportune moments. Gold literally gives Sachs’ career a much needed kick up the backside. Then Barry goes on a disastrous dinner date. His unique ‘Come Dine With Me’ experience has to be seen to be believed.

If you’re interested in a behind the scenes look at the cult of celebrity more revealing then Louis Theroux’s ‘When Louis Met…’ series, then ‘Barry Gold: Unchained’ is for you.