Youtube Film Club – The Final Sanction (1990)

You may be aware of the work of the Prior brothers. From 1983’s “Sledgehammer” to his death in 2015, David A. Prior directed 34 movies, most commonly military / conspiracy thrillers; 32 of them featured Ted Prior, usually in a starring role. You might have of “Deadly Prey”, covered by the Red Letter Media fellas, or “Future Zone”, which had a comedy commentary provided it by Rifftrax; or you might have got lucky and avoided all of then. Well, today we begin another project we’ll probably get bored of halfway through, and are going to review all the Prior brothers’ work. I feel confident doing this because, despite it being a bit cheesy, both of them appear to be actually competent at their jobs!

Also, Ted had that sweet sweet AIP money behind him. AIP was American International Pictures, then Arkoff International Pictures, then Action International Pictures, and no matter what company claimed the three letters, they all produced cheesy b-movie fun. Back in the video shop days movies such as “The Final Sanction” could actually have a budget, as there was money going round at even the lowest levels, so they sort of look okay, have effects and real actors in them.

If you love movies which grossly misjudge the future, I have you covered. Made in 1990, this posits a world which tips over the line into nuclear war between the USA and the Soviet Union…despite the Iron Curtain coming down the very next year, and the interest of the pro-war section of the US ruling class switching to Islam pretty much immediately afterwards. So, we see a bunch of bombs come down, and then…nothing?

I don’t know what would happen if multiple nuclear weapons were dropped in the USA and the Soviet Union, but I reckon it would affect peoples’ lives quite a bit. After the stock footage, in fact, no reference is ever made to it again, and we move into the meat of the movie, which is a one-on-one fight between a hand-picked Russian soldier and one of America’s finest, much like “The Hunger Games” crossed with “Rocky 4”. The Russian rep is Sgt. Sergi Schvackov, played by the late great Robert Z’Dar (making his second appearance this week for the ISCFC), and he’s trained by the ultra-gruff Maj. Galashkin (William Smith, another legend of low-budget). His training is full of mental toughness exercises and high-tech gadgets, plus target practice with those fancy combat shovels that the Spetznatz guys used to use, whereas the American training is…er…we see their guy eating a healthy lunch one day, I suppose? This is for all the marbles, although quite what will happen when one comes out victorious is never mentioned – will the USA just hand over the government to Moscow if their guy goes down? What a difference that would make today, amirite guys?

Ted Prior is Sgt. Tom Batanic, and he’s brought back into the Army specifically for this fight, having been in prison for the murder of his entire unit during an exercise to protect the Secretary of State. He’s obviously innocent, which is the B-story rumbling along while the A-story explodes across the screen, and he’s also got a communication chip implanted in his head and gets advice from Lt Tavlin (Renee Cline, who was a badass in several movies in the late 80s), who starts off hating him but gradually warms to his wisecracking personality.

The huge majority of the movie is set in a variety of disused buildings and forest areas, as we see one or the other soldier stalking round it, firing at his opponent, the other firing back, and so on. It’s important to state that, despite both these being well-trained soldiers, never really resorting to cover, they barely ever take a hit, and then only a glancing one. Why are people in movies such terrible shots?

No sense spoiling any more, though – it’s on Youtube and you should all pop it on and have some fun. You’ll enjoy the developing relationship between the two men, and the one between Batanic and Tavlin (two names generated by picking letters out of a Scrabble bag, surely) and the inevitable but no less fun for it resolution of the conspiracy plot. Damn you, military industrial complex! “The Final Sanction” also features one of the most bizarre beginning-to-end arcs in movie history. Take the first scene and the last and see if any of it makes the slightest bit of sense!

I’ve picked it apart a lot, but the Priors made a fun movie. Ted can act, and it’s sort of a surprise he never really did anything away from his brother, as he’s got a good action-hero look too. The rest of the actors are fine; the only real crime is not having enough stuff happening in act 2. A lot of other reviewers have bashed it for not being a “typical” (read: hilariously awful) AIP movie, but that’s a pretty strange criticism to make – “I didn’t like it because it wasn’t bad enough!”

A quick word, though, about the extremely misleading poster, provided above. AIP may well have been like Cannon and got funding for movies that hadn’t been made yet, based on the promotion – well, neither of them wears leather at any point, there are no souped-up fast cars (or trains, if that’s what is in the background), and that sort of makes it look like they’re fighting together, which is misleading for like 95% of the movie’s running time. In fact, it makes it look vaguely post-apocalyptic, which I can believe was the first draft of the script but is definitely not what made it to the screen.

Pop it on, have some fun, and we’ll back with more AIP or David A. Prior reviews soon.

Rating: thumbs up




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