Preview! Fags In The Fast Lane (2017)

Sorry, dear reader, for a brief break – I’ve been working on some reviews of upcoming movies for St Louis’ own QFest, a celebration of queer cinema. “Women Who Kill” comes highly recommended from this scribe, and you can check the reviews out at “We Are Movie Geeks”.


Anyway, this isn’t about that, although with this title it ought to be. I feel like QFest isn’t sleazy enough for this magnificent-looking piece of cinema.



I’ve seen the trailer several times now and it’s still every bit as intriguing as it was the first time. It came to my attention thanks to the involvement of rock-n-roll legend King Khan, but now I’m fully on board. What the hell is it about? How does one qualify as a Cocksmith? Could it possibly be as amazing as the trailer? Kitten Navidad is still alive? (Please check out our review of “Red Lips”, also featuring Ms Navidad, HERE)

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be queueing up for this movie on its release – if you were a fan of the director’s previous “Pervirella” from 1997, then you’ll definitely be interested. Please follow the movie on Facebook, Twitter, other sites I’m too old to know about, and drop a few dollars on it when it’s released. Because we can’t have another twenty years before the next Josh Collins movie!


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