Puppet Master news!


Although it’s been a while since our review series ended (January 2014 was when we covered “Puppet Master X: Axis Rising”) we’ve always retained some love in our hearts for the franchise, even when it was doing absolutely dreadful highlight movies (“Legacy”, part 8) or wantonly ignoring its own continuity (all of them past part 1). We interviewed the star of “X”, Jean Louise O’Sullivan, and she was great, too.


So, much like every other time we’ve tried to do “news” on here, we’re months late with fun information. “Puppet Master: Axis Termination”, which Charles Band calls the 11th film because he’s ignoring his own “Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys” as non-canon, had an Indiegogo campaign which finished in January and was completely successful. Watch the video here. Even though I’m a reviewer (okay, bottom rung, but I’m still  on the ladder) and asked to be put on Full Moon’s mailing list years ago, I had no idea this even existed. The $50 “mystery box” reward sounded amazing, absolutely 100% guaranteed to be whatever stuff they had knocking around that didn’t sell – Full Moon clear out their storage space, you all get valueless tat.


Now, crowdfunding for successful movie companies like Full Moon is just a way of making money. They’re always full of stuff like “we’re going to use this to do extra effects shots”, or whatever, but I’d lay every penny I would’ve spent on this campaign on a bet that the movie was already finished and this is just adding to their bottom line. It’s like pre-release piracy insurance – not necessarily the worst idea in the world, but still a pretty sleazy trick. I’m not exactly helping my case to get on the review copy list for the new one, am I?

"I must have been really drunk last night"

“I must have been really drunk last night”

But that’s not all! There’s also going to be a reboot of the franchise! The guy who directed the amazing-sounding “Bone Tomahawk” is on board to write, and it’s got people with serious money behind it. I have literally no idea why anyone would choose to do this, the last “Puppet Master” film that had more than pocket change spent on it was 20 years ago and even at its best, it was pretty poor. But there you go. Stuff that current movie execs, probably around my own age, liked as kids is always going to get another look, and it’s always been this way.


Enjoy all this Full Moon-related news, and I’ll see you for a review of “Axis Termination” (as soon as it pops up on Full Moon Streaming, a seriously great site) and for a review of this reboot, when it comes out (I’ll guess never, when someone with sense and money finds out about it).


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