Shark Exorcist preview!


Like other people get excited at a new “Star Wars” movie, I get excited at news of new Donald Farmer movies. Okay, maybe not that much. But it’s still cause for happiness! On that note, I’ve just found out that one of our favourite DVD labels, Wild Eye Releasing (“They Will Outlive Us All”, “The Disco Exorcist”) is releasing “Shark Exorcist” (no relation) in June. Here’s the trailer:



Will it be terrible? That is the wrong question to ask, my friend. Will it be amazingly good fun? Oh yes. I also have a million questions to ask Mr Farmer, so I might even ask for an interview as pre-release publicity. Like, would he direct a future “Witchcraft” movie? That combination would be the culmination of all our work here, I think.


Anyway, “Shark Exorcist” is available from Grindhouse Video, and while you’re there check out some of their other stuff. “Grimewave” sounds like a winner, for one.


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