Movies we’re looking forward to

Because man cannot live on awful 80s horror movies forever, occasionally even we must look to the future, and in this case the future is good. This will hopefully be part of an ongoing series, if I either read about fun-looking upcoming movies, or get sent a decent press release.


Up this week are two movies, one from an ISCFC favourite, the other from a brilliant underground horror distributor.


House Shark

SRS Cinema are the real deal, giving we fans of the cheap and the horrible plenty of material in recent years. As I don’t read any movie magazines, follow any movie Twitter accounts or anything sensible like that, I have to get lucky to read about new underground movies, and I got lucky finding out about SRS. They’ve put out some top-end DVDs and blu-rays, and their latest movie sounds great. Okay, so at least part of my interest is trying to figure out how a shark in a house is going to fill up a movie, but I have a good feeling about this.


The director has a great name (Ron Bonk) and one of the cast is described as a “grizzled former real estate agent”! Can this movie miss? Go to for more info, and to give some cash to people who definitely deserve it.


Cannibal Cop

Information is a little scarcer, but ISCFC favourite Donald Farmer is currently filming this, based on the real life story of a cop, who…wait for it…wanted to eat people! Or maybe he didn’t, as the real fella was found not guilty last week. Anyway. As our review series of Farmer’s movies is on hold while we try to get hold of a copy of 1999’s “Space Kid”, we’ve got this to look forward to. It looks like stars Angela and Bobby Kerecz are two of the busiest people in the movies – check out their list of credits.


This no-doubt extremely sensitive biopic will hopefully be out this year. Check out the official Facebook page and get ready for some fun.



That’s it for now. If you’re making a movie and want whatever tiny measure of publicity we can provide, please get in touch; or if you’ve heard of something great coming up that you think we should be talking about, let us know in the comments.


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