The Disco Exorcist (2011)


Another Wild Eye Releasing release! Lord knows where they find this stuff from, but they’re distributing and selling some of the oddest low-budget and just plain forgotten horror movies out there. So far, we’ve loved “They Will Outlive Us All” and “President Wolfman”, and been a bit bored / annoyed by “Invasion Of The Scream Queens” – but their independent spirit deserves supporting, so go give them a look. What side will “Disco Exorcist” fall on?


If you’re going to have a movie absolutely chock-full of sex, then this is the way to do it. Everyone seems to be having such a great time in this movie! Lots of boobs, lots of mens’ asses and a surprisingly large amount of full frontal male nudity. There’s no women in peril having to run about screaming with their boobs out, no “shock the men, stalk the women” nonsense…just a lot of people enjoying sex, at great length. Pun not even intended.


Rex Romanski (Michael Reed) is a happy-go-lucky swinging guy, the centre of attention at a disco (this entire movie is set in a dayglo parody of / homage to the 70s). He makes no bones about his lifestyle, and the women he’s been with seem fairly happy with the arrangement too, despite being a little upset they’re no longer riding the Rex Express. He’s waiting for the right woman, and one night meets Rita (Ruth Sullivan), who bewitches him immediately. One night of surprisingly graphic sex later, and Rex is smitten, telling his friend Jose as much the next morning, while enjoying a porno movie starring the delightful Amoreena Jones (Sarah Nicklin).


So, Rex and Rita go to the club again the next night, and all seems well. That is, until in walks Amoreena! Rex goes to talk to her, they hit it off and Rita is not thrilled. And from that, one of the funnest, rudest, horror comedies of recent years kicks off. Rita curses Amoreena, Rex is offered a gig on Amoreena’s latest porno movie and jumps at the chance, “big boobed extras” get possessed by the demonic spirit, and the horror is ramped up.


My last note while watching the movie just says “mountains of blow and dongs”, and that could almost be the movie’s subtitle. It’s that fun, relaxed attitude to sex, where everybody gets what they want, which is surprisingly refreshing to see – especially after a film like “Savage Vengeance” which has absolutely nothing nice to say about humanity at all. Rex isn’t a stud, either – he’s a fairly slender guy who doesn’t appear to be packing anything spectacular downstairs, so the implication is he’s so popular because he looks after the women he’s with, too. Or maybe I’m over-thinking this? Who knows.


“Disco Exorcist” makes an effort to really look like a grindhouse movie, too, with digitally-added “dirt” on the print, 90% of the dialogue being dubbed in afterwards, the occasional scene shot on super-8, and so on. I’m not sure where the line is between having fun with the homage and just being annoying, but this stays on the right side of things. I mean, it’s a great deal more cheaply made than any of the movies it’s paying homage to, which adds another layer.


The acting is surprisingly strong too, top to bottom. It appears director Richard Griffin has something of a stable of performers, as all three main stars and many of the others have made regular appearances for him. Normally, I’d be saying “well, X was good, but Y and Z sucked” but everyone’s great in this, knowing just how silly to pitch their performances. It’s great!


Now, bear in mind this movie has a lot in common with the plot-led pornos it’s cribbing from, and while nothing hardcore goes on, there’s lots and lots of sex in this movie. I mean, a lot. There are three sex scenes in the first ten minutes, and it doesn’t really ease off after then either. So bear that in mind while choosing when and where to watch it, and you should have a fine time. Griffin is a director I’m going to pay more attention to.


Rating: thumbs up


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