Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2015)


The question on everyone’s minds is, of course, can the guys match the sheer brilliance of parts 1 and 2 of this storied franchise? Obviously, you’ve seen them – you’re not a fool – and you’ve been waiting for what the guys can deliver…


Yeah, sorry, I hoped that joke would have more legs. 5 Second Films, the hilarious group / website that’s made some brilliant, if somewhat short, movies in recent years, decided to make a full length movie based on a slightly longer “trailer” they’d made for “Dude Bro Party Massacre 3”. One successful Kickstarter campaign later, and a mysterious benefactor who doubled the Kickstarter take, and we’ve got ourselves one of the funniest, best judged, best filmed, best acted slasher film parodies in years (this and “The Slashening” are really showing how good this particular sub-genre can be).


The high-concept stuff of this film is that it’s the sole surviving copy of a movie deemed too violent, so all the prints were destroyed, recorded from a late-late-night cable-access TV channel on its last ever showing. This allows them to have the odd bit of VHS “noise” on the screen, which is a lovely touch for those of us who spent many an hour trying to tweak with the tracking of some old tape to get it to play properly. Plus, they play snippets of fake adverts too, in keeping with their 5-second origins – my favourite being one for a compilation album, which I grabbed a screenshot from for you:


After surviving the murderous rampage of a sorority house “Mother” in part 1, then “Motherface” in part 2 (the killer’s daughter, wearing her mother’s face over her own) it looks like the rest of the Delta Bi fraternity have got to withstand yet another attempt from Motherface – but didn’t they kill her? Ah, who knows? The frat are the regulars at 5-Second Films, plus a couple of special guests – Greg Sestero, co-star of “The Room” and author of the fantastic “Disaster Artist”; and Andrew WK as party animal “Rip Stick”. The first person we see killed is Brock Chirino, who has his throat cut by an unseen therapist; Brock has a twin brother called Brent, and he decides to try and infiltrate the fraternity to find out what happened.


Without even trying too hard, this movie does a couple of very clever things. First up is reversing the genders of the traditional roles in the movie – while we’ve had female slashers before (eurgh, “Sleepaway Camp”) they’ve always been fairly equal-opportunity about the people they’ve slashed. Motherface is going after those frat guys and that’s all she’s interested in, and they even throw in a guy who’s super-worried about losing his virginity to his aggressive girlfriend, a lovely touch.


Clever thing two is making the victims the villains. Frat pranks are normally toilet-papering the Dean’s house (so I’ve been led to believe, Americans and their traditions are a mysterious world to me sometimes), things of that nature. Delta Bi’s pranks have involved causing two planes to crash over an orphanage; destroying a dam and flooding an entire town, killing thousands; and the thing that stopped the Dean from expelling them for the other things, bringing down a South American dictator thanks to a hot-air balloon playing heavy metal music. Absolutely brilliant, and the straight way the unimaginable carnage is played is hilarious.


Now’s the time when I’d normally say something a bit negative, to balance things out, but I got nothin’. The largely unknown (to me) cast nails their parts, Sestero has learned to act since “The Room”, and even ancient TV host Larry King is pretty funny in his tiny cameo. You’ve got clever little montages, an amazing running subtitle gag, porn star Nina Hartley showing she could probably go “legit” and have a decent career…it’s just really well done.


We’re in a bit of a golden age for indie horror comedy, so drop a few £ on “Dude Bro Party Massacre 3” (available wherever movies are streamed or sold) and have a guaranteed good time.


Rating: thumbs up


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