Preview: Risk Factor (2015)

MV5BMjM0NTAxNDY2NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODM1NjM4MzE@._V1_SX214_AL_ Long-term ISCFC readers will know what a huge fan I am of Loren Avedon. He’s elevated many a martial arts movie with his top-level skills, although looking at his IMDB profile is sad because it revealed precious little since the mid-2000s. But he’s back! And even better, the movie he’s back in looks like a cracker. Here’s the trailer for “Risk Factor”: I do love a good “retired CIA agent being dragged back into the game by a mysterious woman” story, plus there’s Russian bad guys, other mean looking hombres and an underground fight league (!) too. Don’t be too confused by the lookalikes of both Richard Crenna and Billy Drago knocking about, though. Co-star Elise Muller was in “Hammerhead” (but we won’t hold that against her) and has worked with the Duplass brothers in “Baghead” (sadly her only two “-head” related credits); and Brett Halsey has been working since the 50s. There’s both acting and ass-kicking chops on display here, and I’m looking forward to it. 99idFZ3ZHgob2PQ15MqnjkitT3y Being British and having problems with some VOD services, I’m going to try and watch it this week, but if not be prepared to just fend for yourselves on this one. Dropping a few £££ on a new Loren Avedon movie can never be a bad idea! Check out the movie’s Facebook page for some behind-the-scenes photographs, and we’ve got a Q&A secured with director/producer Frank Caruso too. If you watch the trailer and have any questions you’d like to ask him, leave them in the comments or send us an email to the ISCFC mailbox.


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