Bloodfist 4: Die Trying (1992)


What the hell? Bloodfist saves its best for part 4, long after even the hardcore martial arts junkies have bailed from the franchise? What a strange series! Don “The Dragon” Wilson is back, and British martial arts star Gary Daniels, early into a career packed with movies just like this, shows up too.

Danny Holt (Wilson) is out and about, stealing cars. Only he’s not really a thief, he’s a repo man! Someone actually put some thought into a moderately smart opening! After repo-ing a black BMW and beating up its owner (Daniels), he becomes the centre of a huge plot involving a criminal gang, the police, the FBI and even the CIA. He doesn’t trust the criminals because, well, they’re criminals; and he doesn’t trust law enforcement since a drunk cop killed his wife in a car accident, and the cop’s friends pinned the crime on him.


On this plot hangs a really fun, fast, packed thriller. I thought “well, that’s enough plot and action for a normal martial arts movie, it must be over soon” and it was only just over the half way point! Danny’s daughter is kidnapped by the gang, and they keep trying to trick him with fake cops and fake babysitters; law enforcement think he’s responsible for the trail of bodies round LA, so he’s harrassed by both sides. He does have one friend though, Shannon (Amanda Wyss – Better Off Dead, the first Nightmare On Elm Street) and that’s all you need sometimes.

Characters are sketched out quickly and simply, Wilson has come on in leaps and bounds as an actor since the last movie, and the fights are really well done too. It’s all close-fighting and looks like it hurts – congrats to the cinematographer for capturing it in such a fashion.


Okay, the motivations of the cops, for one, are pretty vague, and you’re never really left in any doubt when someone’s about to double-cross Danny, but that’s small potatoes. I think this is a great movie and well worth watching.

Rating: thumbs up


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