President Wolfman (2012)


This is our first review from Wild Eye Releasing. They’re a distribution group which takes chances on weird and wonderful low-budget cinema – so check out their catalogue at and treat yourself to something.

Redubbed films are some of my favourites – starting with “What’s Up, Tiger Lily?”, but there’s “Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters” too, plus most of “Hercules Returns” and “Kung Pow: Enter The Fist” (along with a million comedy sketches using the same premise). Basically, some cheeky chappies will get the rights to an old film where the copyright’s lapsed and record all new dialogue, completely altering the plot, which they’ll try and fit to the beats of the movie, will have the voices commenting on how cheesy it all is, and so on.

Stag Films have gone one step further, though, by using multiple sources, so while most of the movie is the 1973 classic “The Werewolf of Washington”, starring Dean Stockwell (where he plays a reporter, not the President), there’s a ton of other stuff in there- public information film, adverts, a whole stew of weird and wonderful bits of found footage stitched together to tell the story of President Wolfman getting bitten and turning into a werewolf, while trying to fight off a bill in Congress to sell America to China.


Fortunately, these guys don’t just coast on their gimmick. It’s a hilarious film, with real care taken on it too – except when they need a scene set in a hospital, and use a guy whose sole similarity to Dean Stockwell is he’s white, but then that’s part of the joke as well. My favourite bits were scenes where they’d managed to find the same actress in two different but related scenes – so you’ll have a woman in a supermarket car park screaming at the sight of her own corpse in a shopping trolley; or a nurse checking on herself in bed. Or I’ve been fooled, one of the two.

Kudos to them for taking so much care with this. I loved the CGIed “President Wolfman” campaign badges, and the footage they used for the the Chinese President. They got some great voice talent, too, with people like “That Guy” comic actor Marc Evan Jackson as the President…ah heck, I can’t find a single thing to criticise about this! They even make the story make sense from beginning to end! Plus, as an environmentalist, I appreciate this film’s “green” credentials, as they didn’t film anything, thus no waste of our precious natural resources. Stag Films, from their site, seem like really cool, passionate people too.

“President Wolfman” is the third Kickstartered film we’ve reviewed, and it’s by far the best. It’s the sort of bizarre idea most places wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole, so kudos to the funders and kudos to Wild Eye for releasing it. The DVD is also packed with extra features – a commentary from the filmmakers and a load of short films they’d done too. There’s also an “outtakes” reel which I think qualifies for strangest special feature I’ve ever seen.


Rating: thumbs up


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