The ISCFC vs. The Internet (part 1)


This is the first in our hopefully ongoing feature about other sites which have (perhaps foolishly) allowed one of us to write for them; or podcasts that we’ve appeared on.


First up is “Dream Deferred”, a left-wing, anti-fascist political blog, with regular pop culture and sport features. I wrote something for them aboout “The Interview”, political cinema and what the reaction to death threats is when there’s money involved. It’s a fantastic website and I really recommend you check it out.


Next is “Real In Memphis”, the occasional e-magazine from the greatest wrestling website in the world. I was a member for many years, although never contributed to any of their issues until now, after the forum became defunct and the few remaining members reconvened on Facebook. This is an issue in tribute to our old friend $tew, Stewart Allen, who sadly died earlier this year. I substantially rewrote my review of “Slammed” to be more wrestling-centric.


Remember, the ISCFC is open to receiving articles from other people, if you’d like to write with us; or if you run another website and would like one of us to contribute to something, please get in touch.




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