The Gays (2014)


Directed by: T.S. Slaughter

At points I wondered if ‘The Gays’ was the worst film I’ve ever seen. It is certainly provocative and each scene attempts to make you hate it, but I think that’s the bite.  Part of me thinks that filmmaker T.S. Slaughter is craving negative reviews and a spiral of hate to whip up some attention.

Essentially ‘The Gays’ plays almost completely on OTT gay stereotypes, and ratchets these stereotypes to the point where they go beyond parody and satire and into the profoundly annoying. There are moments which remind me of John Waters at his most trashy, and bizarrely certain parts reminded me of the surreal South Park episode ‘Major Boobage’, only with dicks instead of tits. But sadly it’s mostly terrible with few redeeming qualities. There’s nothing clever or funny about this film.

Throughout the movie, which thankfully only lasts for a little over an hour, I felt like I was constantly being asked subliminally by the people who made this film to “Go, on. Turn this off. You know you want to”.

The Gays are the kind of strange incestuous family you might find in an American Sitcom from the 70s, a overwhelming homosexual antithesis to hetero-campy The Brady Bunch. You have Bob and Rod (Mum and Dad) and their two kids Alex and Tommy. The film floats between Alex chatting to a guy called called Kevin at an LA gay bar (“LA’s an easy place to be gay”) and flashbacks featuring the disturbing domestic bliss of the Gays as Alex fondly reminisces about his family.

The shockfactor rating on this film oscillates between 95 to 100%. You’ve got anal sex, a “tranny” (using the character’s own description of them self) giving birth out of his rectum (think ‘Alien’ meets ‘The Exorcist’ on a budget) and the opening scene which features a more disturbing vision of childhood than the revelations that have come out of Lena Dunham’s latest book.

I’m not quite sure what’s going to make people watch this movie other than if this site, and several other reviewers declare it as “the worst film they’ve ever seen” or award it zero stars or on the ‘On Cinema at the Cinema’ scale – no bags of popcorn and no sodas.

Sexploitation cinema that sucks. ‘The Gays’ is a ridiculously bad film. I hated it.






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