Trailer Trash: Wolfcop

Tempt me in two and a half minutes. Get me to the cinema, to Netflix, to the bargain bin; make me watch your film. Trailer Trash looks at the hard sell. I watch the trailer and then ask myself – Do I want to watch this movie?

The opening few seconds of the trailer remind me of a the satanic premise of the 1971 outlaw biker movie ‘Werewolves on Wheels’, in that hooded druidy types kidnap an unwilling victim. They cast a spell and turn man into beast.

In ‘Wolfcop’, it appears our deadbeat hung-over cop protagonist wakes up, thinking it was all a nightmare. Officer Lou Garou is his name, flashing up in big bad bold white text. The change is given away all too easily for my liking, but since this is essentially a grindhouse spoof it doesn’t matter if we know the finer details of the plot. ‘Wolfcop’ looks like it is full of snappy one-liners, and “memorable” moments. Taking the ‘Snakes on a Plane’ now well-trodden marketing approach of turning a silly concept into a ninety minute leave your brains at the door kind of movie. It seems rather obvious that ‘Wolfcop’ will rely on word of mouth, a viral gush of “You’ve gotta see this” that propelled such cult classics like ‘Sharknado’ into the public consciousness.

On a side note, I really like the idea of the werewolf shedding his skin, leaving behind evidence of who he is.




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