The Ganzfeld Haunting (2014)


Do you really like the following things?

* Scenes of cocaine use
* Women kissing each other to impress / titillate men
* Stupid psychology experiments done in haunted houses

If you do, and I mean really really like them, then…well, this still isn’t the film for you. There are presumably better films that feature all three of those things, or at least two? I’m trying to warn you here.

Four psychology students decide to do some experiment based around the ganzfeld effect – basically, the brain fills in a lack of external stimulus (say, by staring at a blank screen, or wearing goggles / headphones) by hallucinating. Anyway, this has been used in parapsychological experiments, where people try and transmit pictures or images through the ether to the person whose senses are being deprived. Of course, no consistent results have ever been reported, because it’s all a load of rubbish, but that hasn’t stopped “researchers” from continuing to try, occasionally falsify their research, etc.

So hot college students, stupid experiments, oh no we unleashed forces beyond our control, blah blah blah. There’s no point dignifying this garbage with much more explanation. Wasting more words on it would be a waste of my time, and of yours. And I care about you, dear reader, at least more than the makers of this film did. Not even Dominic Purcell, of “Prison Break” and an excellent actor, can save this rot.

Rating: thumbs down



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