Dollman vs. Demonic Toys (1993)


It’s a rare film that manages to be the sequel to three different films – in fact, “Dollman v. Demonic Toys” is probably unique in that regard. But what isn’t unique is recycling footage and the truly insane Full Moon dedication to deliberately ignoring their own continuity, and we fans of that particular cinematic subset get plenty to chew on in this.

This is made up of significant portions (in flashback) of “Dollman”, “Demonic Toys” and “Bad Channels”. Dollman, who we saw briefly after the end credits of “Bad Channels”, is hitch-hiking to the town that film took place in, because he wants to make the woman who was left shrunk feel better about herself – an admirable and noble endeavour, no doubt. We then get caught up with Judith (Tracy Scoggins)from “Demonic Toys”, who relives the events of the first film in a dream while waiting outside that same toy warehouse. Now, if you’re thinking a toy warehouse that suffered significant damage and was the location of several murders would be unlikely to carry on in the same line of work, you’d be right – and if you think it’d be unlikely they’d still be carrying the same shitty toys they were before, well, double rightness for you. Anyway, some dead hobo’s blood is enough to kickstart the demonic toys this time, and Judith (already on suspension) is arrested and loses her badge for going into the warehouse, finding the toys again and opening fire.

The last of the three is Nurse Ginger, the remaining shrunken person from “Bad Channels”, living her life in a surprisingly well-made set and making her bed in a kitchen drawer. Only, there’s a slight problem here – she was alive, well and of normal size at the end of that movie, and it was Bunny who was left inside the glass tube. Now, every other dumb error in a Full Moon film I can chalk up to laziness or incompetence, but they actually show a clip of the end of “Bad Channels!! Given this is only 64 minutes long, they had plenty of time to explain why Nurse Ginger agreed to come back for a sequel and Bunny didn’t. It’s yet another perplexing chapter to Full Moon’s story.

"I don't understand why you're back for the sequel either"

“I don’t understand why you’re back for the sequel either”

Anyway, Dollman and Nurse Ginger almost immediately fall for each other, then for reasons which – again – aren’t terribly well developed, Judith turns up asking for Dollman’s help in kicking the demonic toys’ asses, and he agrees. As well as the three main toys from the first one, we get Zombietoid, who’s a Duke Nukem-looking fellow – but like before, only Baby Oopsy Daisy gets dialogue.

I thought they were going to handwave away the first Demonic Toys as a dream sequence until Scoggins made a brief mention of the kid she was pregnant with during that film, and while you have to admire their balls in cobbling together three unrelated franchises, shooting a few days worth of new footage and calling it a new thing, you don’t have to be terribly entertained by it. Tim Thomerson is always good value, though, and his comedy roots can’t help but show through – he seems like he’s in on the joke in a way that the filmmakers probably didn’t intend – but the strong smell of pointlessness permeates every bit of this film.

There’s a “Demonic Toys 2” from 2010 which features characters from a 1997 film called “Hideous!”, so look forward to reviews of both of them soon.



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