Invasion Roswell (2013)


Thank you, SyFy Channel! I wonder at the business model that allows them to keep making these films, but make them they do, and the most recent one is “Invasion Roswell”, which gives us Greg Evigan from “My Two Dads”, known to British comedy fans for his unwilling guest appearances on Lee and Herring’s “This Morning With Richard Not Judy” TV show; and Denise Crosby, sadly (for her, I suppose) still known for her work on the first few seasons of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.
An idea popped into my head halfway through this film, and it summed it up so well that I couldn’t shake it off. This film is “Red” meets “Independence Day”. The main cast are a group of retired soldiers who’ve specifically trained for alien attack – Evigan is the Bruce Willis leader / guy who can still fight pretty well; there’s a wacky low-rent John Malkovich; and Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman both have approximations of their characters too.

What would appear to be the day after these people are forced into retirement by the top brass (damn you, military bosses! Stopping the boys from getting the job done with your red tape!), aliens invade. It’s actually several years later, though – people have started businesses, had major operations and moved on with their lives, and that information might have been handy to avoid confusion. Never mind, though, eh? No-one ever said they didn’t like a film because of insufficient information about the passage of time.

Aliens invade, and our plucky heroes need to get the band back together in order to defeat the alien menace. Evigan’s wife dies, which he gets over remarkably quickly, possibly because she’s the stupidest person in the universe or because he never cared about her enough to tell her what he did for a living. So, they go back to the Army base, get suited up and if you’ve ever seen the ending to Independence Day, this film just rips it straight off and you may, if you like, skip it and read a magazine.

This film isn’t terrible. The dialogue is a bit forced-banter-ish, but Evigan and Crosby are at least able to act, it doesn’t look horribly cheap and it hurries along to its inevitable conclusion. If you’re in front of the telly, SyFy Channel is on and you can’t find the remote when this comes on, you might as well give it a go.


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