Evil Aliens (2005)

My friend James always gets me a pile of the worst films ever for my birthday. The sleaziest second-hand shops are trawled, the market stalls are scanned, and I get the benefit of that. So, I finally got round to watching the films he got me last year, and…I think this is one of them. It’s certainly in the same pile. Anyway.


Blood. Blood. Blood. BLOOD. And bits of sick.

Blood. Blood. Blood. BLOOD. And bits of sick.

This film is sort of bonkers. There’s a stone circle called “the Devil’s Teeth”, and a few people get abducted by aliens. No is-it-or-isn’t-it here, the aliens are here and they’re probing! So, one of those History Channel-style alien investigation shows finds out about this and decides to send a camera crew to this remote location to see what’s going on.

I was expecting to have to write a lot about this film, but it turns out I’ve done a pretty good job of summing it up with that one paragraph. Well, the humans are going to have to fight the aliens, of course, and they’re going to do it with a tongue firmly in a cheek.

Emily Booth, who I remember from the truly appalling Live TV drama series “Threesome” and, I suppose much more famously, as the face of the Horror Channel on satellite, is in this, and acquits herself pretty well. I wish she’d stuck to acting, to be honest, as she could have been pretty big with the right agent. The rest of the cast are alien-fodder and therefore are not worth either of our time.

Hold on, I’ve remembered why I own this! My mate from work says his mate is in this film. Well, friend of a friend, you can feel proud that the one film you were in was actually pretty decent. There’s a fine sense of humour running through this, I wouldn’t say it was the best horror-comedy ever made but we Brits can make em better than just about anyone else.

The director of this also made “Razor Blade Smile”, that one about the female vampire. I remember absolutely nothing about it, apart from the fact I watched it. And that it was really bad. Still, everyone has an off day, and he also made “Doghouse” (which people seem to like) and https://iscfc.net/2012/09/20/video-nasties-moral-panic-censorship-and-videotape/ – which I reviewed late last year for this site.

Evil Aliens on IMDB
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